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*NOW ON SALE* Volume 4, "Just One Season" Featuring Mille Lacs and Vermilion. This all new video has 16 big muskies with 10 over 50". And features fish to 55" and over 50 lbs!

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Just Big Muskies Volume 3, Just the Shield

Just One Season, Volume 4
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Introducing an exciting new muskie fishing video series that's true focus is just big fish. In this series we will try to show you how we consistently catch big muskies on some of the most popular waters. With more then 55 50”+ muskies on film, Just Big Muskies is raising the big fish bar to a whole new level.

NEW DVD The Inside Line! $14.95 plus shipping. Click here to order. Huge Muskie The Inside Line, Like trolling? We do. Trolling has, and always will be, the most effective way to present a bait at any given depth and speed. Trolling has also been the technique that has caught nearly all the biggest muskies ever landed on hook and line in the history of muskie fishing! Come on along as we catch giant muskies from summer to fall and share the techniques that these monsters fell for. Trolling is more then just throwing a lure out behind the boat. Let us show you how you can effectively troll, and feel confident that you're putting your lure in front of the big ones. Features fish to 57"! DVD format only, 65 minutes.

Huge Muskie

Just Big Muskies Volume 4, Just One Season brings you 16 big muskies with 10 over 50” all caught on Mille Lacs and Vermilion during a single season. Of the 10 over 50”, 4 are 54” and larger and one is over 50 lbs.! (by the standard formula) that was possibly a new MN state record…..released! This video also features many live strikes including a 50” and a 55” fish caught performing the figure eight, and chronicles the best of Brian Hanson’s and Erik Jacobson’s season edited down to 65 minutes. It also features an evening with two 51” fish caught, an evening with a 50”, 53” caught and another lost in the same size class, and an evening with a 49”, 54” and another lost big one. Continuing with the traditional action of the previous videos, it also includes bonus footage of multiple sunning muskies on the rock reefs in early fall, and Cap-Cam footage recorded through out the season of strikes and follows. And brings you “how-to” on locations, bait sizes, boat control, trolling, the moon and big muskies in general, and our approach to summer and fall. It also tells you about the tackle set-ups both Brian and Erik prefer. From casting in the summer to trolling in the fall this video covers it all. If you’re interested in seeing some of the biggest muskies ever put on video, including fish well over 40 lbs., pushing 50 lbs. and over 50 lbs.! This video is for you. DVD format only. 65 minutes.

Just Big Muskies Volume 3, Just the Shield brings you 30 big muskies from the many picturesque shield lakes the northern muskie region has to offer, and has 13 muskies over the 50” benchmark, including 2 of the biggest shield muskies from Volume 1 - with additional information as to how they were caught. It also features a two 50” fish day, and a four fish day averaging 51” in 2 ½ hours! and has helpful graphics to show you where the big ones came from on the structure, tells you about the lures and the techniques that the biggest fish fell for, and has some of Brian Hanson’s and Erik Jacobson’s secrets to consistently boating trophy muskies like the ones seen here. Continuing with the traditional trademark action, this video also takes a seasonal approach for the format. Starting in the weed beds of early season, to the rocks and weeds of summer, and ending on the secondary rock breaks of the fall. This video has it all including many fish pushing 40 pounds. If you’re interested in the big fish and the beauty of the shield, this video is for you. DVD format only. 68 minutes.

Just Big Muskies Volume 2, Just Mille Lacs brings you 35 big muskies all from mighty Mille Lacs Lake in central Minnesota and has 17 muskies over the coveted 50” mark, including 13 of the best Mille Lacs muskies from Volume 1 - with additional information as to how they were caught. It also features a two 52” fish night! and again offers a seasonal approach as the format. From the hot top water action in the summer, to the fatties of late fall, this video is loaded with all the trademark action. It also tells you the who, what, when and how the biggest fish were caught, and lets you in on some of the local secrets of the lake. Many fish pushing 40 pounds. If you’re interested in the big muskies of Mille Lacs Lake, this video is for you. DVD format only. 66 minutes.

Just Big Muskies Volume 1 has 45 muskies over 48"! with 24 over the magical 50" mark! from all around muskie country, and the action is non-stop! This is our original “highlight reel” and takes a seasonal approach for the format with each fish class, starting with summer, and ending up with the fatties of late fall! This video is for promotional use only, and is no longer available for retail.

As featured on Ron Schara s Minnesota Bound Television show, these JUST BIG MUSKIES DVDs are the ones you've been waiting for, undeniably more big Muskies then ANY muskie video produced to date, or your money back! We love to fish for Muskies and are looking forward to sharing these videos with you! So don't wait, order today!

David’s Goliath!!

Here’s Erik’s 8 year old son David Jacobson with his goliath, a 57” x 27” beast he released on November 1st . This fish will be on the next Just Big Muskies DVD due out for 2011. With those dimensions, we’ve been told this may be the largest muskie ever caught in MN! MN DNR Large Lake Specialist, Tom Jones, estimated the weight “between 52 and 57 lbs.” another possible state record for the Jacobson’s and another one on film for Just Big Muskies DVD’s.

Huge Muskie

My son David, 8 and I were trolling the rocks on Mille Lacs Lake, Monday November 1st. We got started about 3:00pm and planned to fish till 5:30pm or so. We had one black and silver crank bait on a board, and a chartreuse one flat lining. We were trolling in 15-20 feet of water. It was about 5:15pm and the sun was getting lower on the horizon so I decided to get rid of the board, and go flat on both lines for the duration. David had tackle boxes out as he was going to select a different lure for the line I was reeling in, so we had quite a mess going in the back of the boat.

I no sooner removed the board, when the other line went off on David’s side. The clicker screamed and the rod doubled, laboring under the weight of what appeared to be a large muskie! I removed the rod from the holder and got him settled with it, and the battle was on! A slight south wind was blowing, and the boat was drifting back towards the fish, so he really had to do some cranking to keep the line tight. As the boat and the fish met, the fish ended up under the boat for a while dogging down deep.

I told Dave when the fish comes out from under the boat, I’m going to try to net it (dodging tackle boxes :< ). But the fish had other plans, she came out from under the boat but still had way too much power and was moving fast, thrashing wildly toward the front of the boat. I didn’t dare go for it, so I got the net out of the fish’s way. No sooner when it got to the front of the boat, it made a u-turn and went right for the back of the boat. It went under the kicker and near the big motor wrapping the 8 ½ foot rod around my shins as David hung on for dear life! Finally, we got break, and the fish came back around, on the surface, and David pulled it in to my awaiting net. Victory!

I have a very large net, but it has never looked smaller to me, as I had to do the “shake and bake” to get the last third of the fish in! Once the fish was safely in the net, we couldn’t believe how big it was. 57” long with a 27” girth. David’s goliath! David was adamant about releasing it, saying “I want it to live and get bigger, I don’t want anyone to kill it” That quote still gives goose bumps. My wife Karen and I are very proud of him. As we left the spot about 6:00pm, we watched another boat releasing a nice fish. Upon hearing the dimensions, Tom Jones MN DNR Large Lake Specialist estimated the weight at between 52 and 57 lbs. in the local newspaper story. The current State Record is 54lbs by Art Lyons caught in 1957.

Erik Jacobson